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The classic Glori doll has center-parted long red hair with bangs and green eyes that glance to the left.  She was produced with the head mold numbers:  K11 (most commond), H11 (very rarely found with this mold number), S11 (Japan & Taiwan - no bangs).  The green of her eyes can be a very bright lime green, grass green, or olive green.  Side-part Glori often has very bright green or aqua eyes.

Other Glori dolls issued are:

  • Side-part, no bangs Glori with "curled" or sweeping style (Taiwan)
  • Dancing Glori also with long hair and bangs - hips and head turn when left arm is moved
  • Japan issued Glori with very soft or silky hair that is center-parted or side-parted with no bangs
  • "Ponytail" Glori has bangs, but also has hair pulled from the front and sides up into a ponytail laying over the back

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  • Name:  Side-part Glori (S11)
  • Fashion:  Blue Belle Gown
  • Particulars:  Beautiful sweeping curl
  • Name:  Side-part Glori (S11)
  • Fashion:  Cloak n' Swagger Gown
  • Particulars:  None
  • Name:  Side-part Glori (S11)
  • Fashion:  Midnight Lace Nightgown and Robe in a standard orange
  • Particulars:  None - for example of the bright orange version, see Dale's page
  • Name:  Glori
  • Fashion:  Turquoise and Metallic Gold Mini
  • Particulars:  Her eyes are olive green - the only one I ever saw with this color
  • Name:  Glori (K11)
  • Fashion:  My custom likeness of the Patio Party pantsuit
  • Particulars:  Very nice full hair
  • Name:  Side-part Glori (S11)
  • Fashion:  Awesome knockoff silver metallic gown with wavy pattern
  • Particulars:  Beautiful sweeping curl hair and bright green eyes
  • Name:  Glori (K11)
  • Fashion:  Knockoff white fringed bottom blouse and Rockflower pants
  • Particulars:  Hair is very soft like the straight-hair Japan issued dolls, but in the classic Glori's hairstyle with center part and bangs
  • Name:  Straight-hair center part Glori (S11)
  • Fashion:  Flirty Flounce
  • Particulars:  Rare doll - straight very soft hair, no bangs, center part slightly off
  • Name:  Side-part Glori (S11)
  • Fashion:  Cupid's Beau Mini
  • Particulars:  Curly type hair with very little curl - not soft like straight-hair Japan issues
  • Name:  Side-part Glori (S11)
  • Fashion:  Glimmering Stardust Gown and Coat
  • Particulars:  Same doll as above
  • Name:  Side-part Glori (S11)
  • Fashion:  Glimmering Stardust Gown and Coat - new mint dress
  • Particulars:  Same doll as above
  • Name:  Side-part Glori (S11)
  • Fashion:  Green Slink Gown
  • Particulars:  Very strong sweeping curl, looking a little wind blown
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