Remember Topper Dawn Dolls?

Let me give you a little introduction or reintroduction to the beautiful Dawn Dolls made the by the Topper Corporation.  They were produced for only a few years starting back in 1969 until the company filed for bankruptcy in 1972.  They are beautiful little fashion dolls measuring about 6 1/2 inches tall.  Many people like to call them little Barbies, but they are not.  These dolls are so much prettier than the Barbies of those days!  They were my favorite!

Dawn & Friends began with four original dolls:  Dawn, Angie, Glori, and Dale.  This group of groovy gals grew to include Jessica; Longlocks; Gary; Ron; Van; the Dance Party Pair:  Kevin & Fancy Feet; the Model Agency dolls:  Denise, Dinah, Melanie, Maureen, and Daphne; and the Majorettes:  Dawn, Kip, Connie, and April (foreign version of Kip with another name).

Start Having Fun

My own collector's site, Heidi's World of Dawn & Friends, is now integrated within The Dawn Spot itself.  You will still see all of my pics as you did on my site before, and more.  Don't forget to check the Fun Stuff page for some cool Dawn freebies.  And please note, the pics on the right of every page are links to the individual doll and item pages!


I would like to dedicate this site to everyone who ever loved Dawn, and to my precious husband who has played a very large part in building my collection.  Often times, he would come home with another special surprise, and I would have yet a few more Dawns, clothes, shoes, etc.  He is the one who tracked down the collections that we bought, and made it possible for me to own some very nice dolls.  I love the beauty in Dawns and hope to have brought some of that back to all of you as well.  Enjoy!!

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