1st Booklet with drawings of other items produced

2nd Booklet with pics of other items produced

3rd Booklet (rare) showing very rare & never produced outfits

(i do not own this booklet...yet!  this one belongs to another collector.)

4th Booklet

5th Booklet - hard to find

(i don't know which would be the back cover depending on how it is supposed to be folded.)

Dawn's Original Fashions

Take a look through these booklets showing many other Dawn items.  The third one even shows outfits that were never produced.  Click on the pictures or descriptions of each one to view the entire booklet.  They are almost actual size.

Dawn Patterns

You can also sew your own versions of vintage Dawn clothing with some cool patterns made possible by Alix North on her site, That '70s Doll.  She also has tips for creating your own fashions.

Custom Outfits & More

Dawn dolls are fun to customize and create new outfits for, so don't throw out those ugly, messy haired dolls.  You can customize or fix your dolls with a face repaint, re-rooted hair, and custom made outfits.  There are several ladies in the Dawn community who perform these services if it's not your thing.  Check my links page for those offering customizing services.

Michelle's Makeovers

Michelle Candace does some really groovy never before seen "do's" on these girls.  Visit Michelle Candace Custom Dolls for info and prices on her services.  I have chosen to feature Michelle because she does some of the most awesome work I have seen!  She can give your fashion dolls a wonderful new look with repainting, rerooting, and custom outfits too!  Why not take a little trip over to her site to browse through her groovy galleries.  Eye-catching make-overs and outfits - stockings and leggings - Michelle does it all!

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