Doll Information

Some dolls have heavier thighs and rounder butts; others have visible "collar bones", "belly buttons", and/or "nipples".

Doll Body Details

Basic Dawn dolls have hard plastic bodies, or torsos, with softer arms and bendable legs, with the exception of a few dolls that were issued in playsets like the Beauty Pageant.  These particular dolls have hard unbendable legs.  Dawn doll feet have holes in the bottom for use with their plastic stands.  The buttocks are marked with "Topper Corp" and the location where they were produced: Hong Kong, Japan, or Taiwan.  Please note that all bodies are not exactly the same either.  Some dolls have heavier thighs and rounder butts; others have visible "collar bones", "belly buttons", and/or "nipples".  Others are slimmer with smaller looking breasts (not so round) and flatter butts - these are usually the dolls with no green knees.  The cause of the green knees is the metal in the joint.

Even though the dolls with the fuller bodies tend to have more of the green knee problems, I prefer them.  Although I cannot say for sure, I believe that the more full-bodied dolls are the earliest made.  I make this assumption because most of the Model Agency dolls (some of the very latest issued) have the slim bodies, and most of the earliest (still mint in box) dolls are the green kneed ones.  You can tell by the boxes that they were first issue.  More differences in body molds such as hands/arms and dancing bodies vs. standard issues are explained and pictured in more detail on Alexandria North's site entitled That '70s Doll.

Japan & Taiwan Hip Problems

Point to my butt!
The hips of the Japan issue dolls, and sometimes the Taiwan dolls, have a tendency to become melted - a reaction between different plastics, I believe.  Sometimes, they look as if someone glued the legs back onto the body, and often, the underwear is imbedded in the melted plastic.  To clean up these type of dolls, I use an x-acto knife to trim the "deformed" parts.  This same idea can be used to perform a little "plastic" surgery on dolls with a melt/burn mark on the body.

Heads & Hair

The heads are made of softer material with painted eyes, lips, makeup (not equal on all dolls), rooted hair and eyelashes, and head mold numbers located under the hairline in the rear.  Most of the heads are soft, but not real squishy.  Some others are smaller in size and harder.  These dolls usually have some of the prettiest faces and makeup.  Each of the different dolls was issued in a few different head molds, so not all faces of the same doll name have the exact same look.  Having a slightly different appearance seems to "create" a unique "personality" in each doll.

Differences in hair and hairstyles is also common to these dolls.  For instance, Glori is the one doll with the most variations of hair styles, some with bangs and some without.  Visit Glori's page for more details.  Your Dawn's hair might be rooted more thickly or thinly than "normal" and might have a different "hair" texture.  The Head-to-Toe dolls have short bubble cut hairdos, came with three wiglets, and were produced for Dawn, Longlocks, and Angie only.

Rarities and other instances of the dolls can be found where the head mold belongs to another doll, or the hair or eye color is not standard.  Most of these occurrences can be found in foreign issue dolls.  "Raven-haired Dawn" has brown hair and eyes, and some Dancing Dawns have eyes that seem to look straight ahead.

Melted and/or Broken Head Peg

Sometimes, the neck pegs melt in the same way that the hips of the Japan issue dolls do.  To fix this or just a broken head peg, clean and cut off the melted plastic with an x-acto knife, clean out the neck hole so that you can Krazy Glue a lite-brite peg in there (or whatever serves the same purpose).  I cut and whittled the lite-brite peg down until it fit in the neck opening and the head fit over it nicely.  I did this to salvage some Dawn bodies that were otherwise perfect.

Cleaning Your Dawns and Clothing

Wash that doll!  Cleaning your Dawns and clothing is not too difficult and gives everything a new and fresh look. 


Here is a very good example of how much of a difference it can make.  Most of the time, I use laundry detergent or hand soap and a little baking soda to help get things clean and bright.  To scrub the dolls, I use washcloths (rougher work better) and toothbrushes.  For this example below, I also dipped Dawn's head in boiling water and brushed the hair with a stiffer toothbrush to straighten it out.

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