Removing Old Hair: If you have a doll you'd like to reroot, you'll have to begin with removing the old hair. To do this, remove the head and cut all hair off close to the scalp. With a pair of needle nose pliers (or tweezers), carefully begin pulling the hair plugs out from inside. This can be time consuming, so be patient!


Needle/Knot method: Thread a needle with about 20 strands of doll hair. Insert the needle on the outside of the scalp. Pull the needle out of the neck hole and remove the hair plug from the eye of the needle. Tie a knot on the plug and pull the hair plug from the other end until you feel tension. 

Punch method: To do this method - a special tool is needed. You can make a "puncher" by taking a cheap paint brush and pulling off the brush part - this leaves the handle. Take a medium size needle and clip open the eye of the needle with steel wire cutters by clipping the tip of the eye ONLY. Also clip off the tip of the needle. Take the blunted tip of the needle and glue it into the handle of the paintbrush.  (I have never tried this method.  Have you?)

You need to double over the plug of hair you are using - find the center of the length of hair and hold the hair taunt - thread this into the eye of the needle. Then insert the needle into the hole in the scalp. This can go VERY fast --- the tension from the expanding hair will anchor it into the head. This is not recommended for dolls that will be extensively restyled!

Rooting Patterns: One of the easiest rerooting projects is to reroot into the existing holes. The next easiest project is to reroot only the outside holes along Miss B's forehead creating a circle - then pull this into a ponytail. With the pony tail root, the inside of the scalp is purposely left empty because to root this inner circle would create too much volume for the ponytail (this is the rooting pattern for the original vintage ponytails). To learn about more complicated rooting patterns, try observing the rooting patterns on existing dolls.

Rooting a part: Rooting a part can depend on the method you are using for rerooting. 1) One of the easiest ways to do this if you are using the needle/ knot method is this: root one whole side - then when starting the other side - bring your needle down (or up whatever method you prefer) into the first side. 2) When using the push method or anchor thread method - anchor the strand of hair then divide in half - weave one side to the other so that no scalp is being shown in the part.

Adding Streaks: One of the easiest ways to make changes to your doll's hair is to add streaks. To add streaks, simply add hair plugs in the locations you wish to have a different color.


Thread a needle with about 15 strands of doll hair. Insert the needle at the outer corner of the eye, either on or right below the eyeliner. Pull the needle out of the neck hole and remove the hair plug from the eye of the needle. Tie a knot on the plug and pull the hair plug from the other end until you feel tension. Repeat until you have a complete set of lashes. Remember that even spacing (not too close, not too far - you'll have to test yourself) and a straight line will produce the best results. For Dawn dolls, I find that the lash plugs may be so close to each other that there is almost no spacing. Also, with some dolls that don't have lash holes, just one open slot, it may be necessary to glue the lashes in place. I can try to get some info on this for you if necessary - I have not done it myself, but I think I should try with 2 of my dolls. : ) Trim the lashes to suit your taste!


instructions obtained by Heidi Harrier - - from previous geocities site; author unkown.