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Some of Dawn's friends were models - issued as Model Agency Dolls.  They are Daphne, Denise, Dinah, Melanie, and Maureen.  These dolls were issued in larger special "window" boxes and almost all wore a full gown. 

Head mold numbers for these dolls are:

  • Daphne:  H11A, K11A, A11A
  • Denise:  H11C, 11C
  • Dinah:  A10, K10, 10, P10
  • Melanie:  K11A, A11A, H11A, P11A, 11A
  • Maureen:  A11C, H11C, 11C

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  • Name:  Daphne (H11A)
  • Fashion:  Dance 'til Dawn Gown
  • Particulars:  None
  • Name:  Daphne (K11A)
  • Fashion:  Buttercups and Moonbeams gown
  • Particulars:  None
  • Name:  Denise (H11C)
  • Fashion:  Gold Go Round Gown
  • Particulars:  Bun redone by me
  • Name:  Dinah (K10)
  • Fashion:  Pajama Drama ouftit
  • Particulars:  Braids redone by me
  • Name:  Dinah (K10)
  • Fashion:  Silvery Pom Poms Gown
  • Particulars:  Same doll as above with braids pulled back together and lashes rerooted
  • Name:  Dinah (A10)
  • Fashion:  Petals and Pleats Gown
  • Particulars:  Braids were out and I pulled her hair back in a ponytail
  • Name:  Melanie (K11A)
  • Fashion:  Sock Swirls Gown
  • Particulars:  None
  • Name:  Melanie (K11A)
  • Fashion:  Wrap in the Night nightgown and robe
  • Particulars:  None
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