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Sometimes Dawn and her friends have been played with very harshly and have very badly messed up or cut hair.  I like to take these dolls and reroot their hair and eyelashes.  Giving the doll a custom make-over not only saves the poor doll but creates something unique and beautiful.  This page is dedicated to the dolls and clothing I have customized myself.

When the doll has damage to the face paint, you can repaint it too.  If I need this done, I'd prefer to send the doll off to one of the great customizers listed on my links page under "Custom Services" for a complete facial make-over.  If you also do this sort of work, please e-mail me and I will add you to my links.

The most popular ways to customize your doll are:

  • Rerooting the hair in another color or style
  • Repaint the face and change eye color and direction of eye gaze
  • Make custom outfits: totally new fashions of your own or remakes of Topper original styles

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  • Name:  Angie (P10)
  • Fashion:  Custom Blue Spandex Gown
  • Particulars:  Hot pink ankle-length reroot
  • Name:  Angie (P10)
  • Fashion:  Rockflower Jumpsuit
  • Particulars:  Platinum blond knee-length reroot in ponytail with nice widow's peak
  • Name:  Dawn (K11A)
  • Fashion:  Head-to-Toe Dawn Fuzzy Pink Mini
  • Particulars:  Sky blue reroot - normal Dawn length hair
  • Name:  Head-to-Toe Dawn (H11A)
  • Fashion:  Pink Pussycat Mini with Pink Bow
  • Particulars:  Long kinky black almost knee-length reroot
  • Name:  Japan Dawn (S11A)
  • Fashion:  Red pleated mini with silver trim (name?)
  • Particulars:  Black ankle-length reroot
  • Name:  Longlocks
  • Fashion:  Custom black sparkling gown with shimmering wrap
  • Particulars:  Long black reroot in ponytail with curls at the temples and braid wrap at the ponytail base
  • Name:  Glori (K11)
  • Fashion:  Town 'n Tailored
  • Particulars:  Long blonde calf-length reroot with no bangs
  • Name:  Fancy Feet (11C)
  • Fashion:  Rockflower pantsuit
  • Particulars:  Bubble-cut sky-blue reroot with NO knots in the head
  • Name: 
  • Fashion:  Rockflower blouse and JPI Starr doll pants
  • Particulars:  Curly blonde reroot with Dolly Parton look - no longer exists as a blonde and awaiting a new rerooting
  • Name:  Longlocks (P17)
  • Fashion:  Fuscia Flash mini - dark pink and silver metallic
  • Particulars:  Shocking white reroot
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