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Dawn's accessories and playsets listed on this page are not all that were produced.  I will include as much as possible with pictures of my own.  Other items and Dawn's fashions can be seen in the scans of the catalog booklets on my fashion page.   These items will range from actual playsets and cars to specialty issues and smaller, but very cool, items that were included with packaged outfits. 

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  • Name:  Dawn's Action Car - blue
  • Particulars:  Runs on 2 D batteries, came with Dawn in outfit shown, included additional plastic pattern "cams" that attached on underside of car to cause it to drive in different directional patterns
  • Name:  Dawn's Car - pink
  • Particulars:  Did not come with a doll or motor.
  • Name:  Dawn's Beauty Parlor
  • Particulars:  Not sure at this time
  • Name:  Dawn's Dress Shop
  • Particulars:  Came with Dawn in dress as shown, doll has hard plastic non-bending legs
  • Name:  Dawn's Apartment
  • Particulars:  Made by Amsco, did not include doll
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